Sunset Mist Photo-Op Contest - Blogger's Edition Entries

Thank you for all the participants for the 
First Photo Contest @ Sunset Mist 
May 15 at 6pm SLT will be the Announcement 
of the Winner Goodluck to everyone!

Rhenu Resident   
Wear :  .:S&B:. Mesh Dress Romantic
 Feeling white 
   Blog Link

Rhenu Resident   
Wear : LavandaChic*Easter Day Dress*Natural

 Rhenu Resident   
Wear : SLC Mesh Flappery Dress Promise lilac 

Susie Summerwind  
Wear :  S&B  Middle Halter Dress Denim

Jhanelle Galtier
Wear :  SLC Mesh Little Strapless Dress Fitmesh BLue

Jhanelle Galtier  
Wear :  Lavandachic*Romantic Dress* 

Marleine Magic
Wear :  [LPL] Grease Car Sofa Set - PG 

Marleine Magic
Wear :  Lara AC  Fit mesh Outfit Caitlin
 Blog Link Entry

Wear :  Lara AC Elf Outfit Merellien
 With Elf Mesh Ear 

Sunset Mist Town Square

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